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Welcome to SAMCLUTCH, a leading clutch manufacturer based in Benoni, South Africa. Since our establishment in 2002, we've been dedicated to crafting premium clutch discs, covers, and release bearings for American, European, and Japanese trucks. With over 22 years of industry expertise, SAMCLUTCH stands as a symbol of quality and affordability. Our commitment to excellence has made us the go-to choice in South Africa and neighboring regions. Located on the East Rand, we take pride in delivering top-notch products to various sectors, consistently setting new standards in the clutch industry. Driven by a passion for perfection, our skilled team ensures timely delivery of reliable and affordable products. SAMCLUTCH specializes in re-manufacturing driven plates and clutch cover assemblies for a wide range of commercial vehicles and tractors, catering to both light and heavy-duty applications (260mm-430mm). Experience the difference with SAMCLUTCH – where quality meets innovation. Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine the clutch industry with unparalleled service and performance-driven solutions.

Our Services

Here at SAMCLUTCH we offer our clients both new and re-manufactured clutches, ranging from 260mm-430mm. Our new and re-manufactured products are of the highest quality and are priced at very competitive prices to suit the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to conduct business with honesty and integrity to provide the best quality, service, and efficiency at all times. As a team we are a partner in business with both suppliers and clients, growing and succeeding with passion.

We at SAMCLUTCH believe that with honesty and integrity together with our valued clients, we shell reach greater heights.

Our Vision

Our vision for SAMCLUTCH is to be the thought leaders in the clutch industry, be able to grow the business in size and numbers and be able to deliver service through excellence and customer satisfaction through passion and innovation. We believe our diverse skill sets are an asset to our clients. We here at SAMCLUTCH are a close-knit team of highly specialised entrepreneurs who have an array of knowledge between owners to staff. The combination of experience and great reputation over the years allows us to be a truly transformational team in the industry.

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