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With the increasing scarcity and thus cost of raw materials, remanufacturing clutches brings a measure of stability to spare parts prices. A significant contribution to protecting the environment is also achieved by reusing components, with energy consumption and CO2 emissions reduced by up to 90 per cent compared to new clutch manufacture.

Samclutch is a leading remanufacturer of commercial vehicle clutches. Drawing on its experience and expertise as an leading manufacturer, Samclutch can not only rework the used clutch but also incorporate the latest product upgrades to deliver an item with the performance, reliability and expected life of a new clutch. For remanufactured Samclutch products, the same warranty duration and terms apply as for new parts.

The remanufacturing process starts with Samclutch factory-trained engineers stripping the worn product to component level and washing, measuring and testing the individual parts to assess their ability to complete another lifecycle. Those meeting the necessary criteria are remanufactured to within the original tolerances and placed into stock, while any part at or approaching the wear limit is discarded. Certain parts such as friction linings, fulcrum rings and tangential springs are always replaced with new OE items as a matter of course.

The unit is then rebuilt according to the most recent specifications for the particular product, undergoing the same strict processes, measurements and inspections as volume production products. This includes compliance with the latest quality and environmental standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as customer specified requirements such as ISO/TS 16949. The remanufacturing process concludes with functional testing on the test bench before the released product can be reintroduced to the market.

In such a competitive and price-conscious market place, it is worth noting the distinction between a true remanufacturing process as described above and basic reconditioning services offered by some third party suppliers, as the terms are often confused and misused. A reconditioned clutch may only have the worn friction material removed from the driven plate before new friction linings – not necessarily of OE quality – are riveted in place. A coat of paint may then be applied to the steel parts before the product is boxed and supplied to the retail market. A Samcluth OE remanufactured clutch is clearly in a class of its own compared to a reconditioned product.

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